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All About Us


SAMAMBA is an exciting new company which personally sources all of our own materials for its extensive range of jewellery, clothes and accessories. We are a small family business based in our home town of Cambridge in the UK and in Thailand. Our products are hand made, using the best natural products available. For the jewellery we use semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, shell, seeds and wooden beads (collected from many different countries). Clothes and accessories include fine linen, cotton and silk. We are currently striving to scorce organic cotton and the use of natural plant dyeing techniques.


With my background in environmental toxicology and plant science coupled with extensive travelling and interest in social/humanitarian and environmental projects I have a strong awareness and passion for running Samamba according to very green and ethical believes. Prior to university my previous travelling throughout South America, included living with some Amazonian Indians (the Karaja) who taught me about their medicinal plants. I also worked on reforestaion projects and visited many Universities in Brazil connected to The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew where I researched sustainable and economic uses of plants which benifit and support local small communities. These experiences have all influenced the way I want to run my business.

In 2002 I first travelled to Thailand which was where the idea for Samamba was born...

In Thailand we source all our own materials ourselves. We work with small communities and family business who we have known for many years therefore ensuring fairtrade from fabric onwards. The different cultures I have seen have also inspired the colours and patterns seen in products we source.

I am currently visiting projects and communities in Asia who weave and dye fabric using natural plant dyes. And also looking to support a cotton farmer to go organic or find one who already is. I would like to continue supporting Thailand so please let me know if you have any ideas about this. My aim is to be able to trace the product from the farmer to the end product and customer. Only then I believe can a product truly be classed as fairtraded! When I am successful in finding the right people, I am planning to design a new range using organic cotton, natural plant dyes and traditional weaving techniques.

RECYCLING We use all recycled packaging. All our bags are made from recycled paper and are unbleached. Occassionally I also recycle the old plastic ones too!

My jewellery boxes are also made from recycled paper and are of a beautiful quality. They come in pale pink or natural colour, in a variety of sizes and are embossed with our logo and website!

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Many of you may have seen my supplier The Tiny Box Company on the TV series The Dragons Den (www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk).

At the festivals I use low energy lighting from my own battery source. I am also looking to use solar energy in Koh Chang. Please contact me for ideas on this too.

Thanks, love and hugs Denise

ps Take a look on our photo gallery page. If you see yourself, email me for discount on your next purchase xxxxx


Samamba is now in Misfits, a Cambridge community shop on Mill Rd, which supports people with learning difficulties. Hopefully you can bike, bus or walk but if you have to come by car there is free side street parking just opposite the shop. Come and see our range of Samamba Jewellery, Clothes and Accessories and also many products from other local artists. Samamba gives 10% student discount with proof of id!

Misfits also supports local artists:

Photograher Alistair Laming www.alistairlaming.com  Alistairs photographs can be purchased online from Alamy, Fotostock and Fine Art America, see his website above for details.  Alistair also has a few selected photographed framed for sale in Misfits and some beautiful greeting cards too!

Leather belt maker Allan Bruce (Out of Kontrol) who also sells on the Cambridge Market and Arts and Craft Market.  Belts can be made to your size with your choice of buckle!  One of Allans assistants Helen Russ will be working with Samamba at most of this years shows and festivals making belts on the stall! 


For details of the great shows and festivals we attend please click here.

Would you like to host a SAMAMBA HOUSE PARTY? If you live in the Cambridge or surrounding area you could invite your friends to a private viewing of some of our products. Its a great excuse to have a girlie night and you can earn 15% commission in value of goods sold on the night. Contact me for details (even if you live a distance away from Cambridge!)

Now you can buy online using paypal so just select the item of your choice. If there are items you want but cannot see online, please contact Denise for ordering these or for any other general information by e-mail at


Since first visiting Thailand seven years ago, I have established strong links with family run small businesses. When some of these became victims of the Tsunami I wanted to do something to help. So in early January 2005 we booked a hurried flight; armed with as many donations as we could carry and delivered some basic essentials to a refugee camp in Khao Lac, Southern Thailand. My daughter Amber and I then stayed and worked at a Tsunami Volunteer Centre, in Khao Lac, helping in local schools and on the refugee camps. Please click on this  tsunami link  for further information and photos.